Tuesday, July 04, 2006

About me

My father always told me that Parastou ha hamishe be lane bar migardan, or “the swallows will always return to their nest.” When I was born, my family named me Parastou, which in English translates into the bird, the swallow.

I always see it as fitting that I was born in Switzerland—a country whose only memory that I have is of the transit in the airport between my two actual homes—Iran and the United States.

I was born in Geneve, Switzerland in 1980. I moved to the US as a baby, and at the age of seven I went to Iran for the first time. I spent every summer in Iran, and spent a couple years at Tehran International School. I also lived in Iran after graduating from Ohio State University, and spent two years living and working there. Last year, I returned to the US to pursue my masters degree in at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where I am learning about interactive multimedia.

I am about to begin my second year at ITP, and right now I am sharing my personal stories of Iran, as well as my experiences of the people there that I love and know, and those that I have yet to meet. Today, people from around the world are able to share their experiences in an ongoing exchange—through video, the web, and participatory media, such as blogs, video-blogs (vlogs)—limited only by the scope of our imagination. This is my focus and emphasis with the project that I am working on—creating a space for communication and exchange where I can share my story of life in Iran with people here and around the world.


At 7/05/2006 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i think that this project seems quite fascinating,, your dad seems like an awesome man,, yeah, he knew! those questions you want to ask are the deep hitting questions that will really give perception and insight.. how about including "how do you make decisions when at a fork in the road?" or "...when you are stuck between one/few choices" as one of them? Ok, peace out, A town down.

At 9/04/2006 6:06 PM, Blogger Hamid said...

ishalla shoma ham bar migardi haminja tooye keshvare khodemoon. har chand ke NY ham jaiie ke nemishe ba in rahati azash del kand!

wish you luck!



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