Friday, July 14, 2006

Project Description for Collaborators in Iran

I am having a detailed description translated into Farsi to all the people that I am giving cameras to. The cameras will be given out for a few days at a time, and I am asking for no more than 30 minutes of footage per person.

It will state:

1. The questions I am asking (What do you imagine for your life? What have been some of the most influential experiences or people in your life? What is life [school, work, friends] like? etc.).

2. Basic tips on how to use their camcorders (use only for conversations that are close up [since the quality of microphones on the cameras are not so powerful], try to keep your hand still while recording, please return the camcorder after so many days, etc.).

I am still thinking about this last one:

3. How to upload the video on the web. Although I will be having all the small camcorders returned after a few days (so that I can then hand them out to more people), it will be helpful to me and educational for others to learn how to start their own video blogs. Maybe I can teach people how to use Perhaps there will be a way to organize and teach people how to tag their videos so that they can be searchable? If they do not have an Internet connection in their house, it is possible to organize a place for them to come to upload their videos and media files.

I feel that this project will teach me a lot about how Iranians are currently using video on the internet, while giving people the freedom to share their own stories with the world.


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