Tuesday, October 17, 2006

selling flowers in the streets

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Many things are sold in the streets of Tehran, while you are waiting in traffic. Some will sell walnuts, hafiz poems, and flowers....Others will perform an instrument or offer to clean your windshield. This is a clip of someone selling us Mariam flowers, a flower with a very lovely smell.


My mom:
what? where? Bah! what flowers!
Sir how much are these flowers?
Please don't throw them in the car!*

1000 tomans per bunch.
how many would you like?

1000 tomans per bunch? It has 5 in each? Tell him to bring one for me! Sir please come here! Sir! Tell him we want the good ones.

Sir! we would like one please! The good ones please!

My sister:
Thank you. Here you go sir [handing him the money]. Thank you. Goodbye.

[handing flowers to my mom]

Bah bah. [this is a sound used to express if something looks, sounds, smells or tastes good]


This has happened to my mom before, so perhaps she was taking preventative measures. Once a guy was selling walnuts in the street and saw we were interested. He put the bag of walnuts in the car, and the traffic light changed color before we had a chance to pay him. We had to turn back around and find him and give him the money! Our family was very disappointed in us for arriving so late :)


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