Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Teaching Vlogging in Iran

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****Thanks to everyone who made this node a possibility!!*****

Here is a look at us shooting video explaining how to start a videoblog in Farsi. We used freevlog.org and node101.org (and many other resources--thanks so much to all of you wonderful people out there), and came up with a new community vlog to get people started: http://vloginiran.blogspot.com

This videoblog is going to be a place for people to begin uploading their videos as they learn about videoblogging, and it can act as a collective videoblog for a number of people to post video to.

We talked about many things besides videoblogging as well... For example, we talked about Wikipedia, Web Syndication, Creative Commons, and how to learn about other vloggers and the vlogging community, through sites such as

Aha! Now! Should I start!?
>You remember now [what you wanted to say]?
Yes, Yes!
[singing random Persian song]
>>Is the camera zoomed
>Are, zoomeh [this means, yes, it is zoomed, which also translates into Farsi as It is my wish which is coincidentally very funny because of the way that he sings the word, rather than simply saying it]

Ok, so first I would like to talk a bit about the history of videoblogging and what things people video blog about.
You know it is really important that people video blog about things they are truly passionate about, and something that you really really likebecause if you are not excited, then others will certainly get bored!
[showing freevlog.org]
You can go to Blogger, a free blogging site,however you have to host the video on another site, and link between the two sites, for example between Blogger and Blipthey did something so that the two sites work together, so you can cross post video, and they link together like thiswhich is really great, and makes your life easier.

--------------End Translation

More people in Iran will be able to learn about videoblogging on local television, or in a public setting (hence the islamic garb), since high speed internet is so expensive here (three to five hundred dollars a month, depending on the speed)...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Family Photos

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This video clip is of my mom and her sisters looking at pictures together, and the thumbnail is of my parents.


eh! This is my mom!
And this is me! With my grandparents!

OH! WOW! (about my mom and uncle)

My mom and dad... they are so beautiful.
Oh, get this one of me and Baba Zandi [her father], Parastou!!
Is it nice?
Let me see!
Did you get it well?
aw, my mom and dad are so beautiful here.
Let me see! Let me see!
Look at the three Hassanabadi sisters [Hassanabad is the name of the street they used to live off of]
Yes, get the Hassanabadi sisters.
This picture, just like this, it is the three of you all sitting here right now!
And here is your father. Your Mom and your Dad and us three sisters.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bazaar of Persian rugs

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The Bazaar has many things for sale (wholesale and retail): food, fruits, and nuts, rugs, gold, fabric, clothes, appliances, steel, decorations, art, etc....

This clip takes you through the entry of the Bazaar to the area where Persian rugs are sold...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hazrat Ali Birthday Celebration

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This clip shows some of the music played for a really great celebration that I went to last night, in honor of Hazrat Ali's Birthday...

to be continued... 

[not so] fast food

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I went out with one of my best friends and stumbled upon this Kabab place (Super Protein Chizary). I really liked the guy we met there--he was super friendly and asked me to shoot video of him making kabab.

Salam (Hello)

My friend: Sir we would like 2 barg kababs, and juicy please.

*birds chirping*
Me: Where are the birds!?

Right here [they belong to the store]

Me: so, you make kabab here. Do you enjoy it?

Very Much (Kheili)! Next to the grill, in this really hot weather... it is so much fun! Your space is empty. (He is very much kidding here when he says this [Jayeh Shoma Khali])

(We all laugh)

Note--Iranian Expressions

"Jayeh (insert name here) Khali"
"(Insert name here)'s space is empty"

Your space is empty here is an expression that is often used in Iran. In this case the guy is kidding with us, but usually when a family sits down to eat, they will say that the space of the person that really likes that particular meal is empty.

Also, when a family reunites after a long time someone may acknowledge the empty space of someone who could not make it (their space is empty unless filled by their presence).